Waiting for December

I'm not really that crazy Christmas person who loves to decorate their home with christmassy stuff and who start fussing about Christmas in October. I enjoy making and giving Christmas cards and presents to the ones I hold dear, but I really hate the fuss about it and people that just go insane. And I couldn't care less about decorating my home with dancing and smiling elves and red glittering balls and flashing lights, dear god. Basically I do like Christmas, but not that kind of Christmas most of people seem to be having.

But an advent calendar is a must. And this year I was reform-minded, and instead of a traditional chocolate calendar I bought a toy calendar. (I don't know what they are called.)

yay, you can see my fabulous living room in the background :D
I pondered quite a while about getting that, because it was pretty expensive. Today I found it was on sale, and there were not many even left in the shop, and I wanted it so bad, so I decided to take it.

Ah, I'm so excited, I can't wait to open the windows. :D I chuckled a bit about the age recommendation. "6-14". Well... almost.

And oh, yesterday I found myself in Nemi (again):

"A toaster! That burns Darth Vader's image into the toast! Hey!"
I'd really love having a toaster like that., though my current one is excellent too. (You can actually see it on the first photo. I got it as a housewarming gift from my lovely friends.)

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  1. Pitäisiköhän minunkin hankkia joku muu kalenteri kuin perinteinen suklaakalenteri, tuo vaikuttaa hauskalta :)

    1. Kenties, vaikka suklaakalenterit on kyllä kivoja myös. Harmi, ettei oo mitään nimenomaan vähän vanhemmille kuin lapsille suunnattuja joulukalentereita (kaikki eivät välttämättä jostain lelusita välitä).