September favourites/cravings

1. H&M
I colletcted here some H&M things I'm craving for right now. At least the bat shirt and the jacket are definitely going to end up in my shopping cart. I guess I can't really afford the shoes at this moment. :<

2. Knitting
Since the autumn is falling and the weather getting colder, it's nice to dig up the knitting needles and yarn and start knitting again after the summer. At the moment I'm knitting a lace collar.

Voldemort loves knitting too!
3. Baking
I got excited about baking early in the year for the first time in my life really. I like baking sweet pastry the most and especially muffins. Now I feel like baking again. I'd like to make something with Kinder mini chocolate bars or maybe with Fazer Pihlaja marmalade candy.

clearly that's me cooking (well my hair isn't that long)
4. Candles
I hate that summer is so hot and bright, 'cause I love burning candles. Best of all I like scented night-light candles. At present I've got night-lights of four different scents in my candle cupboard, and the ones burning right now smell like sugar and spice. :)

5. Stormtroopers
I'm known as a huge Darth Vader fangirl, but Stormtroopers are pretty cool too. I'm really considering buying an ice sube mold that creates ice cubes in the shape of the Stormtrooper helmet. It would be epic to enjoy a drink with ice cubes like that in it. (Btw, I'm eating cereals with a Star Wars spoon at the moment. Just wanted to tell that.)

6. Sushi
I tasted sushi for the first time a little over year ago. There isn't any sushi bars in my city, but I have made sushi myself. I'd like to go to a real sushi bar some day and taste stuff there, though I've been happy with my self-made sushi also. :) Now I'm planning to try making some different kind of sushi, 'cause I've always made the same salmon one.

7. Parrrrtiessss
... yeah. There are coming birthdays and tea parties and student parties. Me and my boyfriend have been together for one and a half year this month, and though it's just a half-anniversary I guess I'm still going to celebrate it in some way.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to challenge anyone to do this, but feel free to list your own favourites/cravings if you want to. :)

3 kommenttia:

  1. Miulla on nuo H&M:n kengät, mutta viininpunaisina. Ne on iiiihanat <3

    1. Mie itse asiassa katoin niitä silmä kovana sillon kokouksessa Kerubissa ja mietin, onkohan ne ne. :D Mie haluisin just noi kiiltävät mustat.

    2. Hehee, nehän ne oli. :) Mie oon ihan hurahtanu viininpunaseen, niin oli pakko saada just sen väriset kengät.