Outfit of the day

 Today I had on some of the items from the last post.

skirt: Cubus
shirt: H&M
hairband: Seppälä
bracelet: Glitter
(necklace: maybe KappAhl? I don't remember anymore)
ring: Alchemy Gothic (I really wear it all the time)
on nails: Perfect Nail Polish by IsaDora (54, Frosted Plum)
on lips: Wild Rose Natural Lipstick by Lumene (8, Beige/Nude)
eyes: Raspberry Miracle Mascara by Lumene & Electric Blue Eye Liner by H&M

I didn't have time to make the Christmas gift post today, because my holiday ended and I had to get back to my studies,. Sun goes down so early in this time of the year in here North, and pictures taken by the non-natural light don't come out so well. (These were taken around noon before leaving for the university.)

Have a nice week!

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