"Don't call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses"

Actually my glasses didn't need cleaning but renewal. Last week I ordered a pair from Specsavers, and I got them yesterday already! Now I've been practising wearing them, because they are pretty different than my former glasses and I wear contact lenses more often. But here's some pictures...

So they are Red Or Dead's designer glasses, and I'm pretty satisfied with them, though I think I look much better without any glasses. I got my first glasses a bit over ten years ago, but still I'm not used to wearing glasses. :/ It's so much more confortable and anyway pleasant to wear contact lenses, but they of course will cost more in the long run.

I don't look so happy with my glasses. :D And my eyes look somehow weird here. And the colour is weird too. I had a kind of vampire-inspired day, I had red eye-liner...

... and a stake necklace with the text DRACVL (Dracul)...

... and a vampiric T-shirt that says "kiss me".

That's all this time. I'll probably do the Christmas present post on weekend when I have more time and sunlight. :) Bye!

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